Tuesday 28th June, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Herb Garden Café

Free admittance includes hot drink and cake served at 7pm.
All are welcome!

We invite you to a talk by Sally Owen about the properties and value of many common “weeds” that you can find growing enthusiastically in gardens, hedgerows and wild places.

Sally's talk will cover the history of herbal medicines, give you a few ideas of ways you might use herbs in your home, and why you should welcome herbs into your garden.

About the speaker

Sally Owen is a retired member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. She practiced locally for 20 years and lives on a small holding near Builth Wells where she collects herb plants and encourages wild life.

Please download a poster and display locally to help promote the event

Tuesday 24th May, 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Herb Garden Café

Free admittance includes hot drink and cake served at 7pm.
All are welcome!

We invite you to a talk by TFSR Cymru Director and Trustee Ian Jones to hear about their work and how you can get involved.

TFSR Cymru collect unwanted hand tools and sewing machines from all over Wales. Volunteers refurbish them and send them to community groups in several African countries. They also sell Fair Trade tools made by Blacksmiths and Leather workers in Tanzania.

Over the past 30 years they have sent almost half a million tools to Africa.

They recycle tools of every description and nothing is wasted!  Broken tools are repaired; blunt tools are sharpened; broken handles are burned in their wood burning stove in the winter to keep the volunteers warm, and unwanted metal sold as scrap.  They have won awards from Powys Zero Waste and have a very low carbon footprint.

You can download a poster and a leaflet to help promote the event.

with Clive and Philippa Hedger

7.00pm, Tuesday 22nd March
Herb Garden Café

An illustrated Talk on Natural, Sustainable, Bee-Centred Beekeeping  and Bee Guardianship

Clive and Philippa currently look after 14 colonies of naturally kept bees in Builth Road.

In this talk they will share the wisdom and insights gained from their own experience and stress the importance of having the 'right relationship' with the bees.  The talk will also include practical information on first steps, equipment and skills needed to set up a hive and specific approaches to managing naturally kept hives.  They believe the heart of this is supporting bees as pollinators rather than honey producers.

Over the last 8 years they have helped many people to set up and keep bees in their gardens, and given on going mentoring along their journey as beekeepers. They promote a simple and easy, low maintenance approach to natural beekeeping.

They created a Sussex based natural beekeeping group that still meets regularly every month, with over 100 members and In 2014 successfully set up a British Black Bee sanctuary as part of a Sussex school, with 8 hives and an area for the creation of a bee friendly garden.

They work specifically with promoting a world where bees can thrive.

Clive and Philippa will be happy to answer your questions.

A talk by Tao Wimbush, Lammas Eco Village

Tuesday 26th January from 7pm to 9pm
at the Herb Garden Café, Llandrindod

The Lammas Eco Village in Pembrokeshire received planning permission in 2009 under the Welsh Government's One Planet Development Policy. The policy essentially allows development in the open countryside provided that applicants can demonstrate that they are living a sustainable lifestyle, achieve greater productivity of the land than its former agricultural use, and use low carbon natural building materials.

Tao Wimbush, one of the original founders of the Lammas community, was a guest speaker at the recent Powys REconomy conference organised by the Powys Transition and Low Carbon Communities Network (PTLCC). In this video of his talk, Tao describes the planning process and the experience of living sustainably and answers questions from the audience.

We'll also show a couple of short videos showing how Lammas has developed over the past six years.

Free admittance includes cake and hot drink served at 7pm.

Further reading:

The Welsh Government One Planet Development Policy
The One Planet Council
Lammas Eco Village

A poster to help promote this event is available to download.

Free Film Night - Short films on UK Permaculture projects

Tuesday 24th November from 7pm to 9pm
at the Herb Garden Café, Llandrindod

Produced by Permaculture People for Permaculture magazine, these 9 short films showcase a number of projects in the UK that demonstrate ecologically sound and regenerative land based practices.  The film on Natural Building is presented by Grand Design's Kevin McCloud. The films were released to coincide with the 12th International Permaculture Convergence held in London this September.

Discover how regenerative agriculture can rebuild soil and repair damaged farm ecosystems, see urban permaculture in action with permablitz and watch natural buildings being made from local resources in front of your eyes.  Get informed, get inspired, and get involved!  (Read more below for details)

Admission to the meeting is free. A donation will be requested to contribute to the costs of refreshments.

A poster to help promote this meeting is available to download.

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