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What happens when the oil runs out?

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TLT meeting 22 July 2014 - Fracking

frackingThe next meeting of Trawsnewid Llandrindod Transition will be on Tuesday 22 July from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Herb Garden Café, Llandrindod. There will be a series of short films on hydraulic fracturing (fracking), followed by a discussion.

Large areas of Britain have been identified as containing underground reserves of natural gas that can be released by a process which injects a mixture of water, chemicals and sand into the rock at high pressure. Proponents promise a new era of cheap energy, job creation and economic benefits. Opponents are concerned about water and air pollution and other environmental impacts.

In these short films we will provide:

  • a clear overview of the technical process of fracking
  • a summary of the problems that have emerged in those areas of the USA where fracking is already used on a large scale
  • the concerns that politicians, environmentalists and local people in Britain have about fracking in this country
  • case studies from around the world looking at specific aspects of fracking

Have you made up your mind yet about fracking? Come and learn more about this vitally important topic, and contribute to the discussion.


Llandrindod's first Repair Café a success!

Llandrindod’s first Repair Café was held in the Rock Park on Saturday, 12 July 2014. About 30 people brought items to be repaired: bikes, bracelets, brooches, lamps, trousers, a toy rocking-horse, an adapter, a soldering iron, a handbag and even a carpet sweeper! The sharpening table was particularly popular, with everything from scissors to mower blades being given a new lease of life. Approximately £50 was raised in donations, which will be used to offset the cost of the event.





LED lighting - time to make the change

The latest LED lights make a perfect replacement for traditional incandescent light bulbs.

LED bulbs

TLT member Nick Talbott has written a guide to choosing LED bulbs based on their experience of making the switch to all LED lighting in their new home. There's also news of a promotional offer that will benefit the Transition Network if you buy LED bulbs from ethical supplier Illumin8.



** NEWS** TLT are launching Llandrindod's very own REPAIR CAFE this month!!  DONT MISS ITLlandrindod Repair Cafe logo
12th July • 9th August • 13th September 
Rock Park Canopy 2pm-5pm

What do you do about a wobbly chair, a broken zip, a faulty toaster, a flat bike tyre? Few people consider repairing even small defects and many things get thrown away too soon as knowledge of how to mend things is vanishing. 
However, change is on its way. Local Repair Cafés are on the rise and becoming very popular. They are simply monthly gatherings where neighbours can learn to fix their broken items themselves, with support from skilled volunteers whilst enjoying a cuppa. 

The idea is that any faulty item which is reasonably portable can be considered for repair. Help and advice with repairs is free, but if your item is successfully mended a donation will help to fund the service.
Your Repair Café wants to show you how much fun it can be to give your things a new lease of life and how easy it often is. Bring out your broken belongings and give it a go!

Please help us to publicise this event: download, print and share an A4 POSTER   or A5 FLIER


Incredible Edible Llandrindod News

1.Green Man Garden working party Sunday 8/6/14th June, 10am to 12 ish
Incredible Edible image

Work on the Green Man Fruit Garden is well underway; the next working party will be this Sunday: here is a message from Margaux about it "We will be at the Green Man Garden this Sunday 8th June from 10 am onwards. Anyone who can make it is welcome and will get a free taster of woven fence making and gardening with edible perennials! We should have all the materials we need but bring gloves as it can be tough on the hands. We are coming up with a layout for planting the plants we have (if you have any more you think would be especially good for the GMG, let us know ASAP and we will try to fit it on the layout), and we will hopefully have the compost bin and some free compost too. Looking forward to another productive day! Margaux "

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"Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it!"

Thanks to TLT member Alan Fay for suggesting this quote for our front page


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