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Episinus angulatus – Common H-Weaver

It's always nice to see something you've never seen before, even if it's not a rarity. This little spider took a bit of tracking down, but is so distinctive, with its angular abdomen, that identification was actually pretty easy. I found him (definitely a 'him' – the boxing gloves are how you tell with spiders!) in the compost heap, amongst a riot of springtails and beetles.
Apparently this species is fairly common in southern England, but a lot more scattered further north. There seems to be one previous record from Radnorshire, right on the border, over on the edge of the Elan Valley. I've certainly never met it before, and it's quite a striking species, so I'm sure I'd remember… however, it's a rather shy creature, and so is very easy to overlook.  
The H-weavers are named because of how simple their web is: just a few strands, normally in the shape of an H, attached to twigs or plant stems, low to the ground. It's not an easy spider to find, but it is an easy one to recognise if you do. I'll certainly write about more obvious species in future, but it's going to be a mixture of the things that you might see, and the things that you probably won't but will be glad to know are there!
Episinus angulatus – Common H-Weaver


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