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Learn to mend your broken items yourself with support from skilled volunteers

Enjoy giving your things a new lease of life and appreciate them again

Help reduce waste and stop things going to landfill - be part of the circular economy!

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Llandrindod Repair Café has been running since June 2014, and was chosen by The Guardian as one of 17 top community projects from around the UK in their "Live Better" Community Project series. In 2019 it celebrated its 1,000th repair. The Repair Café idea began in Amsterdam in 2007 and has since been taken up all round the world. No charge but the cost of any parts must be paid for and donations towards running costs are always gratefully received




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Put your unused tools to good use!

The Repair Café is an official collection point for Tools for Self Reliance Cymru. Have a clear-out of any unwanted tools or sewing machines and we will help put them to good use. The Repair Cafe has a list of wanted tools, but most items will be accepted (especially workshop tools). Items can be brought to a monthly Repair cafe session or dropped in to The Hive, South Cres, Llandrindod Wells LD1 5DH between 10 - 4 Monday-Friday.

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Llandrindod Repair Cafe ReceptionLlandrindod Repair Cafe is one of only 19 repair cafes in the UK, so we are rather lucky to have one right here in lovely Mid Wales.

As we are approaching our first anniversary, it is nice to reflect on all the many things we have repaired and helped saved from the tip.

Did you know that over 70% of broken items brought in are actually fixed by our gallant volunteers? From bicycles to bric a brac, clothes to computers, shears to scissors, they'll give it new life. We can't yet mend your gammy leg or car, but a friendly chat and a cuppa are always on offer at the Repair Cafe!

Our sharpening service has proved to be very popular, not many repair cafes offer this service. Some visitors have come back to bring more items for repair, such as a cd player or vacuum cleaner.

The repairers, affectionately known as 'fixperts', enjoy tackling an interesting mix of items. We never know what will be brought in on the day and every Repair Cafe event brings fresh surprises and challenges.

One time our 'bike doctors' fixed two new wheels on a gent's walking aid and he went home with a big smile on his face. A little girl learnt how to inflate the tyres of her bicycle all by herself. A repaired bread maker and a rice cooker could feed their owners again and an old log was converted into a 'holesome' bug hotel. More and more people from all walks of life are beginning to realise that fixing is fun!

Do not assume that we only have repairers, we also have repairesses. One handy lady assists with mending small furniture and broken crockery, just watch her handling a drill. Little trinkets such as broken necklaces or earrings have been beautifully fixed by our jewellery repairess.

The sewing ladies are dab hands with curtains, zips and patches and there is no textile job they won't have a go at We have seen sock holes big enough for a double decker bus to pass through (well, almost), but they were mended.

Then there is our chap who works with Sugru. This tough versatile material can be used for repairing many things, for example sticking broken handles back on, or mending holes in tanks. If something definitely looks broken beyond repair, Sugru will usually prove otherwise.

So what do visitors think of their local Repair Cafe? Below you can read some of their reactions in their own words:

  • Amazing idea
  • Superb service, problem solved
  • Willingness to share skills
  • Simple solution found
  • Reliable genuine service
  • Friendly and nice
  • Very helpful people
  • Diagnosed the problem, very friendly experts and great location
  • My cd player is working again and I thought it was beyond repair!
  • He didn't make me feel stupid because I didn't know how to do it
  • My problem was fixed!
  • Would have had to throw my rice cooker away otherwise
  • I find all the people there most welcoming, knowledgeable and talented
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