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A one day course

Saturday 17th September 2016, 10am – 4pm

at Trosnant, Llandrindod Wells and the Llandrindod Pomarium Community Orchard

We aim to manage the orchard in as sustainable way as possible and part of the maintenance we have to do is cutting the grass! To that end, we've organised a course in the orchard on scything, both for our volunteers and for anyone else who'd like to learn the technique to use in their own gardens or other projects. No prior experience necessary!
At the moment there is a scything revival in Britain. This wonderful tool is a great replacement for the mower or strimmer. 
It produces no noise, vibration or fumes & is a joy to use.  Scythes can cut tough plants such as brambles, bracken, nettles & saplings through to fine grasses, lawns & wild meadows.
This one day course covers:
  • How to set up the scythe for your body dimensions
  • Selecting the right blade for the job
  • Altering the angle of the blade
  • How to sharpen the blade
  • How to mow with ease & flow!
  • Later in the day we cover how to repair blades & have a go at ‘peening’ the blade with the peening jig. 
Austrian scythes will be available to use but if you have your own scythe feel free to bring it along. 
Our experienced tutor for the day is Andrea Gilpin, who also runs courses in her beautiful wildflower meadow near Presteigne, and teaches volunteers for the conservation charity Caring for God's Acre.
Thanks to the support of the Powys Transition and Low Carbon Communities network, we're able to subsidise the cost of the course for Powys residents. The fee for the day will be £20 if you live in Powys (£42 for others). Teas and coffees and all necessary equipment will be provided.

The course is now fully booked, but if you would be interested in doing a scything course in the future, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know, so that we can judge whether there is enough demand for us to put on another one.


Could you sponsor a new tree for the Pomarium?

Download more information

Our spring round of tree sponsorship and planting was a great success, and though we've had a few hiccups along the way, the community orchard is going from strength to strength. We're not done yet though - we've got plans to expand! We're now ready to invite more sponsors, with the aim of having another tree planting day in October - exact date to be confirmed.

We're inviting businesses, organisations, clubs and individuals (in fact anybody!) from in and around Llandrindod to sponsor a tree in their name. If you'd like to get involved then download more information and the sponsor form here and send it back to us, preferably by the end of September.

If you can't offer sponsorship, but would still like to help, remember that we're going to need plenty of volunteers to plant the trees when they get here - so watch this space for details of the planting day! We'll also be looking at starting a volunteer group in the future to help with the ongoing maintenance of the space. Please do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to be involved with that, or if you have any comments or suggestions at all. 

If it's easier, you can download an editable version of the sponsor form.

Sunday 21st August from 12:00 noon at the Pomarium

(on the former playing fields next to the Rock Park).

Absolutely everyone welcome - bring your lunch, something to sit on, games to play and your eagle eyes to spot the first of the ripe blackberries!

The picnic is on!  

The forecast says that it'll be dry from 11 till 4, but bring something you can sit on as the grass is likely to be extremely damp. Some wellies might be a good idea too!

Get your crayons out and help us tell everyone what the trees are there for!

Not everyone knows what a community orchard is, and people who just happen to be walking through the site might wonder why all these trees and bushes have suddenly appeared! We decided to enlist the help of the children (and some of the adults!) of Llandrindod to make some signs, to let people know that the orchard is for everyone, and to encourage everyone to take care of it. Our first batch were fabulously coloured, drawn and decorated at the 2016 Llandrindod May Fair.

Now it's over to you...

You can download the colouring sheets here or you can design your own! Feel free to laminate them yourself and staple them to the posts in the orchard, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you don't have access to a laminator and we can do it for you.

If you do laminate your sign, it helps if you cut off the grey border before laminating, so that you have a clear border to staple through. This keeps the rain out of your sign and means it will last longer!

Our Spring planting day was a fantastic success! Here's a lovely photo of lots of the volunteers who came along to help, along with our press release.

About 40 people turned out on Easter Monday to plant trees, build compost bins and prune brambles at the new community orchard, the Llandrindod Pomarium. The volunteers planted apple, pear, cherry, plum, quince, walnut, elder and mulberry trees as well as blackcurrant, gooseberry, loganberry and redcurrant bushes. The trees and bushes were purchased with sponsorship from local businesses, organisations and individuals.
Joe Botting, one of the organisers, said “We have had a fantastic response from the Llandrindod community in terms of both sponsorship and practical help. Our generous sponsors have allowed us to obtain a good variety of plants, both familiar and more unusual. The orchard now contains approximately 60 plants, with room for many more! We hope that the project will develop over the next few years and become a useful resource for the town.”
The Pomarium is located at the southern end of the Alexandra playing fields (beside the Rock Park and next to the railway line). The project is licensed by Powys County Council, organised by Friends of Rock Park and Trawsnewid Llandrindod Transition, and supported by Llandrindod Town Council.
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